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Yuck: major textbook company McGraw-Hill is telling professors that forcing students to use creepy, discriminatory spyware is normal.

Riding the coattails of a global pandemic, spyware companies have rebranded as anti-cheating software—and universities around the world are buying in.

From forcing students to urinate in cups so they aren’t flagged as cheaters, to requiring students with dark skin to take tests with bright lights shining in their eyes so that deeply flawed software can detect that they ‘have a face’—the rollout of this technology has been egregious.

Also concerning is the fact that invasive home surveillance is a terrible violation of student privacy that could stretch far beyond the pandemic—normalizing young people filming themselves for authority figures who hold their grades and their futures hostage.

Treating every student as guilty until proven innocent is a dangerous precedent to set for our next generation of leaders. It’s time for McGraw-Hill to end their relationship with Proctorio, and commit to finding solutions that defend student’s rights to privacy moving forward.

Fill out the form above now to tell McGraw-Hill and Proctorio what you really think about their outrageous profiteering at the expense of student’s human rights.

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